We see the call to justice as far more than just a short-term fad while students are at university but rather as a lifetime pursuit. Just Love students are making a real difference to situations and communities now, but the most lasting impact will be once students graduate.

We want to see this generation of students equipped to lead and envisioned to pursue Jesus and justice with their whole lives, bringing transformation in every sphere of society. They’ll bring innovation to the charity sector, social responsibility and generosity to business, integrity and change to politics; making a difference in arts, media, in every sphere of society. Imagine what the world could look like in 10, 20 or 30 years time if hundreds of Christian students graduate each year committed to pursuing a more just society- consuming ethically, giving generously and transforming the industries in which they work.

We launched the Just Love alumni network in November 2016 aiming to do just this- to connect and inspire a community of Just Love alumni to live lives of justice long after they leave university. Around 80 final year students and alumni gathered in London to hear the vision for the alumni network. We also heard from the wisdom of (among many others) Elaine Storkey, MP Stephen Timms, high court judge Dame Bobbie Cheema-Grubb, the former religious affairs correspondent at the Times Ruth Gledhill and QC and specialist adviser on the 2014 modern slavery bill James Ewins.

“There was a real sense in the room that this was a group of people who were going to change the world.” Nell, formerly of Just Love Durham

Outside of these bigger gatherings, we’ve developed groups for particular sectors (currently politics, charity, law, business, teaching, science and technology, and church with more to be added in the future.) As graduates continue pursuing justice as enter the workplace, this means there’ll be communities of people journeying alongside them going through similar joys and challenges.

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