Just Love Alumni Sixes: Going Deeper, Together

As Just Love Alumni, we want to engage with a whole-life, life-long pursuit of God’s justice. We want to equip ourselves to pursue justice through building deep and long-lasting relationships, enabling us to sharpen, stretch and champion one another. We want to provide space for accountability, encouragement and friendship that will enable us to go deeper in seeking social justice. 

Sixes create the space to do just that.

We suggest each Just Love Six meets every month, each time working through resources and discussion questions that focus on a variety of topics around theology, leadership and impact. Find out more about Sixes by watching the trailer above and having a look at our welcome pack below.

If you’d like to start or join an existing Six, please sign up below. You are welcome to request to be in a group with named friends or we can connect you with others.

Join us for Series 2: Embodied Faith

Possible future sessions to come:


  • What would it really look like if we engaged in integral mission? 
  • What can the Bible teach us about postcolonial life?
  • What is the role of the Spirit in my pursuit of justice? 
  • Why should I care about theology when I just want to DO justice?


  • What does it look like to shape culture? 
  • What does failure have to do with leadership?
  • What is good communication? 
  • What can we learn from the ‘fallen giants’ of Christian ministry?


  • How do we engage with systemic issues around slavery? 
  • What is my privilege and what do I do with it? 
  • How should we think about the prison system and redemption?
  • How can I make the biggest impact possible with the money I give away?