Our training events are a vessel for the Just Love vision – they fuel inspire, equip release and ensure movement down the spiral and development in the core skills. The events we run exist to equip students with all they need to lead a passionate, impactful and sustained pursuit of justice. Our teaching focuses on theology, leadership and how we can have an impact. The events also provide space for committees to get to know one another and to connect with other Just Love groups, forming deep-rooted and long lasting friendships and connections across the nation.

We run training events at two key points in the year: Easter and Autumn.

Just Love Easter Training (JLET) functions as a foundation-laying training. It is an introduction to Just Love and teaches our students the core things they need to run a Just Love group with impact.

Just Love Autumn Training (JLAT) adds depth, expanding on the foundations of JLET; and adds breadth through introducing new themes of justice, theology, leadership and impact. JLAT is about adding understanding where there is none, depth where there is understanding, and application to both.

If we can train the student leaders to be highly proficient in the core skills, they will be well placed to deliver Just Love’s vision in their city. We aim to provide the best training our students will receive anywhere.

Our training events exist to ensure that each cohort of student leaders is the most emotionally healthy, passionate, informed and effective leaders they can be, both as teams and individuals.

The Impact

“Through the training and community I’ve gained through Just Love I feel confident that, wherever I work and live, I can prayerfully seek God’s heart for justice and courageously participate in his glorious plans to restore the whole of His creation. Bring it on.”


“JL Autumn training was amazing, it fundamentally changed who I am as a person.”


“I really love Just Love’s way of training. The blend of personal growth and committee strategy; content and reflection; as well as the model of leadership and commitment to quality from the staff all makes JL trainings really encouraging and special.”


“Just Love has a knack of developing leaders that is really quite extraordinary, and so I graduated with not just a holistic framework for understanding God’s justice but also a new confidence about my own strengths as a leader.”


We are always seeking to refine and improve out training and gather feedback from students after each event. In the eight training weekends we ran between 2016 and 2018, the aggregated ratings of all sessions averaged between 8.4 and 9.3 out of 10. In 2019, our autumn training event was described as ‘excellent’ overall by 80% of attendees and ‘good’ by the other 20%, with an average rating of 8.66/10 across all sessions.

Our teaching on prayer, time management, strategy and self-care is excellent. They have received session review scores between 8.9-9.12 on average since 2016

Our training on campaigning and how to help rough sleepers is consistently improving, growing from a session rating of 8.26 and 8.88 in 2017 to 9.50 and 9.67 in 2020, respectively.

Online Events in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic meant that we had to run JLET & JLAT 2020 online. We transformed our 2020 Easter Training events into online conferences with 2 weeks notice, had 150 students attend with 90% describing it as ‘excellent.’ Our feedback on JLAT 2020 was also extremely positive with 95.4% of students describing it as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ and an average session rating of 8.7/10.

Our students said this about our online training events:

“It was incredibly organised, so clear and the sessions were so equipping in all aspects for leading a Just Love group. It is obvious how much thought and care has gone into making this high quality training, and I leave feeling encouraged, excited, knowing just how much you guys as a movement are for us.”

“Considering the circumstances, you all managed to produce incredible content and give us a platform that made it truly feel like we were all together.”

“I was super blown away by how well organised this event was and how high quality all of the information was. Totally invaluable to setting up our Just Love.”