The Vision

Our vision is to inspire and release every Christian student to pursue the biblical call to social justice.

We want every Christian student to have a passion for justice and to do something about it.

The world is full of injustice. From global poverty and modern day slavery, to local homelessness and food poverty. We believe that God calls everybody to love their neighbours, steward this earth and loose the chains of injustice. We exist to inspire every Christian student to pursue this biblical call.

We want to shift Christian student culture so that pursuing social justice is the norm.

We want to marry thoughts and words with deeds and actions. Imagine the statement it would make at our universities if every Christian student was known for their radical, sacrificial love for those on the margins. Imagine the difference we would make to our cities and beyond if hundreds of Christian students were released into volunteering, campaigning, praying and fundraising.

We want to see this generation embark upon a lifelong pursuit of justice.

Justice is not a short-term trend. We believe it is a lifelong calling. We seek to equip students to pursue justice beyond university, in their communities, relationships and careers.

To read more about the story so far, head here. Or to read about how we’re already seeing this vision being realised and the impact we’re making, head here.

Our Values

Our values are how we do the work of journeying towards our vision. They are what we care about the most. We want what we believe to align with the way we live and behave. Our values help us to do that. These values shape our actions, attitudes and decision-making.

We don’t want values that are just abstract concepts – we want them to be alive and embodied throughout our movement. To help us with that, each of our values have corresponding practices – rhythms and behaviours that we do together in response to God’s grace, as a way of living out each value. 

We don’t pretend that we always live up to these values in the way that we would like to. They are not entrance criteria, they are aspirational. Together, with God’s help, we are committed to the journey of embodying these values more fully and more beautifully day by day.

Devotion to Jesus

This is our first and central value. All the others flow from it. We care about justice because we love Jesus, and we care about the things he loves. Jesus’ life and teaching, death and resurrection set the pattern for our pursuit of justice and the way that we do it. We are committed to the journey of following Jesus and becoming more like Jesus together.


  • Spiritual Disciplines 
  • Joining in with God’s mission to redeem all things

Doing justice well 

We want to love people well, and that means going beyond good intentions in our pursuit of justice. We want to think deeply and critically about our pursuit of justice, seeking out and learning from those with greater expertise and experience than we have. 

We care deeply about the quality, impact, and sustainability of all that we do. When we decide what issues to focus on we prayerfully consider how we can best serve those in greatest need in our world. 

But we never want our pursuit of justice to become abstract or impersonal. We want to be biased towards action – doing justice well, not just talking about justice well. We won’t always get it right, but our desire is to learn and to serve others well. 


  • Excellent and high-impact events, campaigns, fundraising and volunteering
  • Critical thinking
  • Service on the margins

Building Deep Relationships

Restored relationships are at the centre of the gospel. In a culture of tribalism, we therefore seek to celebrate the relationships that God has gifted us with. Without exception, we want to treat everyone with generosity, dignity and kindness. We also recognise that we are only one small part of God’s mission in the world, and so we are committed to building excellent, mutual relationships across the global body of Christ, celebrating all of its diversity. 


  • Investing in deep friendships with those on the journey alongside us 
  • Generosity in speech and action towards other organisations

Raising life-long leaders

We want to form leaders of integrity, courage, compassion and resilience – leaders who lead like Jesus. We want our student groups to be spaces of incubation – forming leaders of the future and equipping them with the skills to seek Jesus and justice faithfully for the rest of their lives. 

We keep a long-term perspective, because it’s in decades to come that the real impact of Just Love will be seen.

We believe that growing leaders grow other leaders. At every level of Just Love, we always want to be thinking about how to identify, empower and invest in other leaders around us so that they can be better than we ever could be.


  • Student ownership over Just Love groups
  • Raising up the next generation

Embracing Truth and Humility

In a culture where truth is increasingly contested, we care deeply about what is true, biblical and Christlike. But at the same time we want to be humble about our limited capacity to fully grasp all truth this side of new creation. We therefore welcome nuance as we engage with the complexities of injustice. We want to seek out challenge and make space for disagreement and dialogue. We always assume that we have more to learn and seek to understand before trying to be understood.  


  • Posture of listening and learning
  • Apologising and reconciling well when we get things wrong