Does your Just Love group want to run a really effective event? Have a look at these great opportunities from our partners! Click on the images for more information and contact your staff worker if you have any questions.

Fashion for Freedom | IJM

Run a clothes swap for IJM! Fashion for Freedom events are a platform to celebrate fashion, acknowledging fashion’s darker secrets, whilst still inspiring each other through the work of ethical brands and the consumer power we have. Find out more and grab a freedom pack here.

Stand For Freedom | IJM

Take a stand for 24 hours against slavery, publicly standing up for the millions around the world who are denied freedom. Email Hannah Holloway for more information.

The Climb | Tearfund

This is a great way to fundraise for Tearfund! Take to the stairs, get sponsored, and help end poverty. The only way is up (and down again). Every steps you take will bring hope to people living in poverty. There’s never been a better time to use what’s in front of us to make a difference. And, as an added bonus, you’ll keep fit! Find out more and sign up here.

Rise to the Moment | YCCN Relay

Join the UK churches’ Relay to COP26, from June 11th to October 30th. Raise awareness of the climate negotiations and our imperative as Christians to engage in creation care theology, individually and corporately! There are several ways to get involved on the YCCN website.

Take A Stand | We Are Tearfund

In this huge year for climate action, Tearfund are inviting you to be part of a team of young leaders from across the UK to help shape and lead a climate campaign with them. The Take A Stand campaign launched with a team of young people in Cornwall ahead of the G7 and is now expanding across the UK as we approach COP26. Tearfund will provide support and investment about how to campaign effectively and are looking for people who are keen to get stuck in during this historic year. Email Jack to get involved!

The Switch | Ethical Banking Campaign

Started by Just Love students, The Switch is a movement of students campaigning for UK banks to have more ethical investment practices. Take a look at our interview with The Switch founder Sienna about what this is all about, and how about encouraging your Just Love community to switch to a more ethical bank!

Freedom Night | IJM

In “I Am Brave,” a new 20-minute film, Joy shares her story of being exploited online, and invites us all to be part of stopping slavery for good. Hold a screening in your JL group and engage people with the hard-hitting reality of slavery and provide your community with a way to join the fight to end it.

Film Screening | Christian Aid/Take One Action

Christian Aid are partnering with Take One Action, who promote films about social justice. Christian Aid is offering to help you facilitate a film screening and panel discussion with expert activists within Christian Aid, and possibly even the film-makers from Take One Action. Email Anna Spence to find out more.

Keep the Lifeline | CAP

At the beginning of October, the Government plans to cut Universal Credit by £20 a week, reducing the already-precarious incomes of families across the UK. This cut will affect people you know and your community. It may even directly affect you. Write to your MP to tell them why you are concerned about the impact the cut would have on you or people close to you. Get your JL community involved and help make a difference!

Foundations Course | Home for Good

A 4-week course for students and young adults, exploring fostering, adoption and supporting families who care for vulnerable children. Foundations will equip you to better understand the needs of vulnerable children and consider how you can play your part for them, now or in the future! Why not run this course as a JL group? Find out more and register here or email Rosie Killick for more info.

Put All England Cricket Games on Free-to-Air TV

Let’s inspire and release every Christian student to pursue the right to watch England games for no cost.