Succession, and the developing of leaders, is deeply rooted in the Just Love DNA. This is vital in our student groups, where leaders graduate every year – a Just Love group is never built around any one person but is about a movement of people rallying around a shared vision and culture that grows year on year. The same principle is true for the national staff team. We have always been very deliberate about developing new leaders and giving responsibility to new people, so that we have significant strength in depth across the team. 

 My instinct had always been that I wouldn’t be Just Love’s National Coordinator for the long-term. When I left university, I was determined to get Just Love off the ground nationally, and steer it through its first few years of growth, but I didn’t anticipate staying in this role into the 2020s. In the last couple of years, we have been thinking through whether this is still the right course of action for Just Love and for me. After a lot of reflection, prayer and conversations, I have decided that I will step down from the Just Love staff team in summer 2020. The process of appointing a successor is underway, and we will make an announcement about that in the coming months.  

The hardest thing about leaving, and the easiest thing about leaving, is the Just Love team. I will hugely miss working with such a brilliant, gifted, loyal and fun group of people – I have hugely appreciated the friendship, support and loyalty of you all. I don’t know if I will ever find another team where I feel so at home. However, I feel lucky to be leaving Just Love in the hands of such a capable group – it is hard for a founder to step away from an organisation they so deeply believe in, but I could not be happier with the group of people whose hands the future of Just Love rests in. I am so excited to see this team take on more responsibility and take Just Love to new levels. 

I am also encouraged by the wise governance of the trustee board, especially with last year’s additions of James Ewins and Alison Coulter, our new chair. Their experience will be invaluable in steering Just Love through this transition, and guiding the organisation’s direction in the years to come. 

When I arrived at university, I didn’t really know what to I would do afterwards. In 2013, when I first met with a handful of people about the possibility of getting more Christians involved with social justice, I could not have imagined the significance it would hold for the next 7 years of my life. Leading the Just Love movement has been the biggest privilege. When reflecting on my time with Just Love, the overwhelming feeling is one of gratitude – I am so grateful to God that I have had the opportunity to be a part of this.  

 The Just Love movement is just beginning. The vision is nothing less than a whole-life, lifelong pursuit of Jesus and justice. I’m looking forward to seeing Just Love continue to grow in the years to come, and seeing the multiplication of impact as we help people to pursue justice with more depth and effectiveness. We will see a generation of tens of thousands of leaders who fight injustice in radical, sacrificial and creative ways, shaping communities and industries across the country and the globe. It is a vision that I will always want to remain a part of, and I am excited to contribute wherever I can, and stay involved as a donor, pray-er, and member of the alumni network.