We want to inspire and release every Christian student to pursue the biblical call to social justice.

Our world is full of injustice – more than 1 billion people live on the equivalent of less than £1 a day, there are tens of millions of victims of modern day slavery, and many thousands sleeping rough on the streets of the UK. Each one of these people has their own story, their own relationships and their own dreams, which may never be realised because of the injustice of the situation they live in. Each one of them is made in the image of our God who says that true worship is to loose the chains of injustice, who says that we should love our neighbours as ourselves, who says that whatever we do for the least of our brothers and sisters, we do for him. 

We are convinced that we follow a God who is not OK that there are more slaves in the world than there ever have been. We follow a God who is not ok that we have treated our planet so terribly and brought it to the point of ecological disaster. We follow a God who is not ok that in Europe we spend about eight times more on alcohol than it would cost to provide basic health and nutrition for all.

What if every Christian student shared a passion for social justice and did something about it? We want to inspire and release every Christian student to pursue the biblical call to social justice.

We want to see thousands of students around the UK volunteering, fundraising, praying and campaigning around the great issues of our time. We want to grow to every university town and city in the country, and we want the landscape of our universities to be forever changed.

What if every homeless person in a city centre in the UK was friends with a Christian student? What if young people who had little hope for a future started to be mentored by a Christian student who believed in them? What if refugees fleeing war torn countries were not met in the UK with hostility and suspicion but were welcomed into university towns and cities with open arms. We want to see groups of students raising tens, hundreds of thousands of pounds for the most effective development charities with innovative fundraising schemes. We want to see students researching big justice issues and collaborating across cities to run crucial campaigns that will win the hearts and minds of key influencers and will shape attitudes and policy around the great justice issues of our time. We want to see hundreds of students in every city praying late into the night, crying out to God for the brokenness of this world and believing that he will bring change.

Our vision is nothing less than seeing a whole generation relentlessly pursuing justice, and we believe that the realisation of this will see communities, industries and nations transformed. The size of our vision, and the scope of our impact, is huge. So, how do we make sure we achieve it? We have put a lot of work into developing the best strategies to deliver our vision, and we’d like to share some of the headlines with you. 

University is a time that can set the trajectory for the rest of our lives. If we can use this time to effectively and holistically shape the way that people think and act with respect to injustice, this can have ripple effects that set someone up for a whole-life, lifelong pursuit of Jesus and justice.

Just Love starts with students but it doesn’t end with students. We want the students that we work with to go on and become the leaders and innovators in the charity sector, people who bring integrity and change to politics, who bring radical generosity and social responsibility to business, who bring truth and hope to media, who lead churches who are known for their love of God and love of neighbour.

You can read more about our alumni network here.