Rebuilding was a series of conversations the Just Love had during summer 2020 with leading theologians, activists, and social entrepreneurs who shared with us their vision of a transformed world. We hope you enjoy browsing the ‘Rebuilding’ series as we think together about the big, game-changing ideas to reshape the world.

Episode 1 | Shane Claiborne: The Irresistible Revolution

Episode 2 | Sienna Sexton: Ethical Banking

Episode 3 | Justin Thacker: Economic Justice

Episode 4 | Martha Collison: Empowerment & Baking

Episode 5 | Chine McDonald: White Supremacy and Faith

Episode 6 | Krish Kandiah: Welcoming Refugee Children

Episode 7 | Hannah & Robin Mitchell: Living in Radical Community

Episode 8 | Rev Dr Mike Long: Housing Justice

Episode 9 | John Swinton: Disability Justice