A welcome from the Just Love Alumni Team:

Hello and welcome to Blessed are the Peacemakers 2022! 

It is such a joy to have you join us this year, whether in person or on the livestream. This is the first time we’ve gathered as a national movement in one place for 3 years (can you believe it?!) and we are so so excited to be in Leeds all together!

Last year we delved into the huge topic of generosity, and the radically different worldview of abundance that the Bible calls us into. This year, we will explore what it looks like for us to be peacemakers. 

We live in a world full of dividing lines. We see division across culture, theology, and identity. We see conflict and violence that has persisted for decades. Nationally and internationally, far away and close to home, while this division may be newly formed, or have historic roots, may be the responsibility of both parties or draw on unjust power dynamics. In all of this Jesus says ‘blessed are the peacemakers.’

What could this possibly mean? We are only beginning to learn, but as followers of a man who calls himself the Prince of Peace, we want to find out. Join us as we listen and learn together, from one another and experienced speakers.

We know that thinking about peace and reconciliation will bring different challenges for us according to our experiences. We will be working with professionals to make this day a space where all of us can be both encouraged and challenged in healthy ways. Let us know if we can make any reasonable adjustments to make the day such a space for you. We would also love to do all we can do make the day as physically accessible as possible – check out our ‘Getting There’ page to find out more.

We pray that this conference will be an opportunity to explore this call to peace and reconciliation, to meet with old friends and new, and to be encouraged and excited by all that God is doing in Just Love and beyond. 

We’re so excited to see you!

Just Love Alumni Team x