Join Just Love and Stephen Timms MP for an evening of hearing the Just Love vision and an opportunity to partner with us in our work on 1st March 2021 7:30-8:30pm.

We want to equip every Christian student to engage in whole-life, life-long pursuit of Jesus and justice.

The first Christians were known for their love of the poor and marginalised. For these early followers of Jesus, justice was not an optional extra, but a necessary requirement of discipleship. In short, we long for justice-seeking to be a core part of student discipleship.

This is a big vision that matters for the future of our nation and the Church, as we inspire and release a generation of leaders both to respond well to the current crises and to prevent future crises. We want to see every sphere of society transformed by hopeful and faithful followers of Jesus.

We need your help to bring this vision into reality, and so we want to invite you into a movement that is having a deep impact across the UK. If we are going to see every Christian student equipped to pursue justice then we need to grow.

We would love for you to join us for our biggest online fundraiser yet, to find out how you can be part of this movement. We’ll be hearing from members of the national staff team, along with some of our students and alumni. Stephen Timms MP will also be joining to share why he believes in Just Love’s vision and the impact we’re having across the UK.

If you book your ticket before the 15th February, we’ll be posting out some packs filled with information on Just Love, and maybe a goodie or two (we’ll need your address for this).