Reasons to be Cheerful

If you are into pondering big ideas and how our society could look a little lighter and brighter but don’t want to end up feeling depressed about the current state of affairs, I thoroughly recommend this podcast to you. It’s an hour of Geoff Lloyd and Ed Milliband cheerfully chatting to brainboxes on subjects like devolution, a four day week, economics, rough sleeping, gambling, education of music. I genuinely think there might be something for everyone in there. It’s important ideas broken down into digestible and fun discussions. If it were a pudding I think it would be a lemon meringue pie – solid yet still zingy and light.

Recommended by Anna.


Have You Heard George’s Podcast?

This critically-acclaimed podcast takes a fresh look at urban culture, race politics and inner-city life. It’s less an academic treatise, more an extended fusion of poetry, song, story and philosophy. George the Poet provides an unusual lens on life: he grew up on St Raphael’s Estate in Neasden, North West London, but studied Politics at Cambridge – this podcast seamlessly threads his personal experience with his incisive political and sociological commentary. The topic list is expansive: gang culture, Grenfell, drill music, psychology, sex, fatherlessness, Ugandan history and the postcolonial present. It’s a genuinely stunning podcast and somehow manages to be funny in the midst of its depth and challenge.

Recommended by Tim L.


Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat

I love thinking about work culture and how to improve aspects of it (you’re welcome Just Love staff team lol). This podcast has been a fun way of engaging with different ideas related to the workplace and team culture. The host, Bruce Daisley, interviews experts on topics like mental health, career progression, remote/flexible working, creativity, side hustles and much much more. A particular favourite episode of mine was one on food at work (‘Rituals, Emotions and food’) where one of the guests spoke about starting ‘Crisp Thursday’ at her company (they literally eat different flavours of crisps every week and it sounds like a lot of fun).

Recommended by Fi.


Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

I’ve got to start this recommendation with a disclaimer: I’m not a big fan of Andy Stanley’s megachurch model. That being said, I love his podcast. Andy and an exciting variety of guests (Patrick Lencioni has been the guest for the past two months) share some of their hard-learned leadership wisdom and experience. It’s easy to listen to and very accessible – Stanley is an unobtrusive host who asks good questions of great communicators. The podcast also produces a workbook each month enabling you to apply the content to your setting.

Recommended by Tim H.


Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership

I love Ruth Haley Barton and I love her books, but I struggle sometimes to read at a decent speed. This podcast is great because Ruth and her friend Steve Wiens talk through each chapter of Ruth’s books so that you can absorb the key insights without reading. Season 4’s 9 nine episodes break down each chapter of her wonderful book Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership and Season 6, based on ‘Invitation to Retreat’, taught me so much about what good retreat looks like. If you’ve ever wanted to explore topics such around spiritual disciplines, intimacy with God, sustaining faith while leading or cultivating practices of rest and retreat, this is the podcast for you. Ruth and Steve are gentle, insightful and truthful. I left each episode with a hunger to retreat, be still, and learn to rest and be led by God.

Recommended by Esther.