Main Sessions

Vision & Values

We always start our training with the vision and values of Just Love. They are central to who we are as a movement and everything else that happens over training and in our groups is grounded in the vision and values. 

Self Care

Whilst we are committed to being effective and dedicated leaders, it’s also really important that we learn to look after ourselves. Leadership is taxing mentally, physically and spiritually. In the session we will learn what it means to care for ourselves so that we can sustain our lifelong pursuit of social justice.

Justice & Careers Panel

Just Love exists to inspire every Christian student to pursue social justice while they’re at university, but what happens when you graduate? Hear from some alumni and friends of Just Love who’ve taken the call to pursue justice into the rest of their lives through their careers, lifestyles, giving and community. 


It’s important to wrestle with the theology of justice and this is a time to do so. We have 3 short talks theologians and activists who carry experience of theology and mission and will be sharing on integral mission, climate justice, and modern day slavery.

Helping Without Hurting: An Introduction to Development

Development is a tricky and sensitive area. We often want to make a difference, but we don’t know how to do it well. This session is an opportunity to learn and understand some broad principles about engaging in development in a way that leads to sustained and sustainable impact.

Climate Change

Climate change and ecological breakdown is one of the greatest injustices of our lifetimes. This session will help you to understand some of the science of climate change, as well as the theological foundations that show us what we are called to do in response.

Releasing the Next Generation

One of the most important things about leadership is multiplication and succession. One of the biggest challenges for student organisations is multiplication and succession in leadership. How do we develop the next generation of leaders?

Justice and Prayer

Prayer is an essential part of the christian pursuit of justice. If we want to pursue God’s justice for the rest of their lives, we need to start by getting into healthy habits of prayer.

Casting a Vision

Sharing a vision pitch is a really important skill to develop. We want to all be able to share our vision for Just Love in a really compelling way, whether that’s over a coffee to one other person or at a launch to 70.


Approaches to International Development

Experts will share key principles and practices from their own experiences that help us to discover what it looks like to create lasting change, to see what good development looks like, and to discover how we can engage in it well.


Working with our homeless friends can often present us with challenges and difficulties. How do we bring the transformational effect of God’s renewing grace and love onto the streets with us to offer a valuable ministry?


Feel like there’s not enough hours in the day to do Just Love, you uni work and have a social life? Fear not, Josh will be teaching us some vital skills in how to manage our time well.

Justice & Politics

This is a session for those uninterested in politics – if you don’t want to come, come. Do Christians really need to engage with politics? If we do, how? And how do we help the wider Christian student population to engage?


Following on from the strategy session at Just Love Easter Training, this session will teach you how we take your strategy to the next level by working through some common problems that Just Love groups face.

Effective Alturism

Injustice can seem so difficult to deal with. You want to see change happen, but you’re not sure about the best way to make it a reality. This seminar is designed to help you think critically about how to use your resources in order to see the biggest possible justice impact, both personally and within your Just Love groups.


Campaigns have the potential to bring transformation and renewal. In this session, we’ll look at how we can run that kind of campaign.

Building Accessible Community

We want to work towards Just Love groups being diverse, accessible communities. Following on from the community seminar at JLET and a few months of running your JL group, this seminar is an opportunity to pause and think about the context of your Just Love group: Who is welcome there? Who is not? How can we make our JL groups more inclusive spaces where more people can belong?