Getting Started

If there isn’t currently a Just Love in your city and you’re interested in setting one up, we’d love to hear from you. If you want to see students in your city inspired and trained to seek justice, please do get in touch, and we can think through the next steps. Have a look at our Getting Started Guide for more information.

Ultimately, we want this to be your project; we understand that you’ll have particular passions and you’ll know your university and city better than us– so exactly how you want to fulfil the Just Love vision is up to you. We’ll be there to offer support, training, and to connect you to speakers and experienced organisations.


Twice a year we run national training events; at Easter in Durham, Edinburgh and London and in the Autumn, before the beginning of the university term, in London. The primary purpose of these trainings events is to equip Just Love committees to run brilliant Just Love groups in their cities, but if you want to set up a Just Love group you’d be so welcome. Do get in touch if you’d be interested in coming.

Our next national training events will be over Easter in Durham, Edinburgh and London, and are advertised on our Facebook page.