Top 5

These are difficult and unsettling times. And, despite having more free time than we are used to, it can be hard to know how to respond to the needs around us. There are ways that we can engage with this moment and volunteer to help the most vulnerable in your community, and we would also encourage you to do that. 

However, we know that crises around homelessness, climate change, modern slavery and poverty will still be there when coronavirus lifts. What would it look for us to use this time to get ready? How can we deepen our theological understanding, strengthen our leadership, and sharpen our expertise around particular justice issues? We want to get ready to step into the issues that will be exposed in the aftermath of coronavirus, and lead with integrity, compassion and skill. 

To help you make the most of this opportunity to read and study, we are releasing Just Love staff team recommendations of content each week. (These will be things that we have found helpful, engaging, eye-opening, inspirational, stretching, fun or all of the above!) Most often these recommendations will be books but we’ll spice it up with some podcasts and TED talks along the way. 

Here are our top 5…