A welcome from the Just Love Alumni Team:

Hello and welcome to Generosity 2021! We are so looking forward to seeing you on the day (in person or on the livestream). It’s been two years since our last in-person alumni conference, and we are excited for this chance to gather, to connect and to learn together.

Last year we explored our call to be people of resilience – who acknowledge pain and loss, who lament the difficult things in our world, but who pursue justice with hope in the restoration possible through Jesus. This year, as the world emerges out of lockdown but still struggles with the huge repercussions of Covid-19, we want to mark ourselves out as a generous generation.

We want to lean into the extravagant story of generosity that we see in the Bible and be equipped to give joyfully, freely, wisely, humbly and for the sake of God’s justice. The world needs a generation who share the gift of God’s grace and who embrace the cost of loving others. We pray that this conference will be an opportunity to explore this call, to meet with old friends and new, and to be encouraged and excited by all that God is doing in Just Love and beyond. 

We’re so excited to see you!

Just Love Alumni Team x