This page is for people joining us from home on the livestream.

Welcome! We are so glad you’re able to join us at our National Gathering on our livestream. This page will be your guide through the day – it’ll feel a little different to the in-person timetable, but we hope it’ll still be full of fun and life-giving.

11:00 – Refreshments

In our venues, folk are milling around and getting themselves teas and coffees. Why not get the kettle on and make yourself a brew? Snacks are highly recommended. In fact, we’ve collected the staff team’s dream snacks for listening to Josh speak. Hope the inspo is helpful!

  • Oreos dipped into yoghurt with honey (Anna Spence)
  • Frozen dates filled with peanut butter (Sienna Sexton)
  • Pepperami (Joel Butcher)
  • Cucumber sticks and that Moroccan hummus you get with the sultanas in (Hannah Simpson)
  • Custard donut (Sarah Blackburn)
  • Bread and hummus (Tim Lornie)
  • Snack sized pain au chocolat or pavlova with lots of raspberries (Anna Vernon)

11:30 – Welcome and worship

Join us on the livestream for the welcome and worship as the day begins! Stay on the link after the welcome and it will take you straight into the first main session (The Gift of Abundance). You can also get there by clicking on the button below.

12:00 – MAIN SESSION | The Gift of Abundance

The wonderful Josh Smedley is going to be sharing with us for our first session on the Gift of Abundance. To find out more about our sessions and speakers, click here.

12:50 – Lunch

Grub’s up! Get yourself some nutrition, and why not call a friend for a quick catch up?

14:00 – MAIN SESSION | Embracing Freedom and Cost

We hope you’re well fed, and powering through the inevitable post-lunch-slump. This session is a panel event! Settle in for a treat.

15:20 – LOCAL SEMINARS | Money Management

Unfortunately, only our Money Management session will be livestreamed. It’s gonna be a good one mind!

16:40 – Invitation to the Alumni Network

At this point in the day, the people in-person at our venues are being invited to join in with more of the Just Love Alumni Network’s activities. We’ve got loads going on, in the hope that we can be a community that encourages and challenges one another in pursuing Jesus and pursuing justice.

Why not check out some of the activities on our website here:

Sixes Season 3 is coming up, which is going to be a particular highlight! Keep your eyes peeled.

16:55 – Sphere Time and Conversation Space

At the moment in our venues we’re chatting about the day so far, and talking to our Sphere groups. These are the questions we’re using to reflect below. Why not reflect on these questions yourself? You could even peruse our Sphere webpage for the friendliest looking face, and then imagine you’re telling that lovely person all your thoughts.


  • Is there anything that has particularly challenged you so far?
  • How do scarcity and abundance mindsets affect you? Practically, how can we lean toward trusting in God’s abundance?
  • Do you find it easy or challenging to treat your belongings as though they are God’s? Collectively, how can we build reminders of this into our lives?
  • What do you think about what the Bible says about relationship and reciprocity? How does this apply to your giving?
  • How could you use your career and the resources it gives you to live more generously?

17:40 – MAIN SESSION | The Invitation to Generosity

Final session of the day, and it’s gonna be a big one! Lucy McDonald is bringing our time together towards a close. Stay on the livestream if you want to join us for livestreamed prayer and worship afterwards.

18:00 – Prayer, Worship, and Celebration

Stay with us on the link above to join in with the livestreamed prayer and worship. We’re ending the day by bringing all of this challenge and encouragement back to God, and asking him what he is saying to us today.

If you find it challenging to engage in worship in the livestream format, here are some worship albums and prayer resources that the team thought you might like.

Commoners Communion is reflective prayer audio – recommended by Roseanna Leach!
Porters Gate are a worship collective – Anna Spence recommends, especially their Work Songs album!

18:30 – End of Day

That’s the end of our National Gathering! Our alumni team would love you forever and ever if you took a moment to fill out our feedback form. We’re really keen to know how we can shape our activities around what would be useful for you guys!

It’s been a total pleasure to be with you, even from afar. We hope that today has blessed you, and will be praying for you as you continue mulling over all that we’ve seen and heard together. Please pray for us too, as we learn more about God’s heart and try to seek it out.


Anna and the Just Love Community