We are so glad that we’re able to gather in person this year. However we want to make sure that we limit the risk of spreading COVID-19 and that all of our community feel safe at the conference. As such, we would really appreciate it if you helped us do this by following some basic guidelines. Thanks everyone!

Precautions we will ask you to take

Please do not attend Generosity if you have any symptoms or a positive test of Coronavirus or if you have been told to self isolate by NHS track and trace. 

  • Take a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) within 48 hours of arriving at Generosity and bring proof of the negative test result
  • If possible, please bring an NHS COVID Pass with you which you can find out more about here – otherwise, a picture of a negative LFT is sufficient
  • Bring a mug/keep-cup for hot drinks and a water bottle for water
  • While at the event, please adhere to good hand hygiene by using hand sanitiser that will be provided at entrances and exits
  • Wear proper face-coverings while moving, singing, and when sitting if social distancing is not possible. If social distancing is possible while sitting, they may be removed
  • We encourage you to adhere to social distancing within the venue and respect others’ wishes with regards to keeping space
  • We encourage you to go outside for a short walk during breaks and lunch time!
  • We recommend that you take a LFT test when you arrive home after the conference 

 If you are unable to wear a face covering and would like to be seated in a socially distanced area, please email [email protected]

If you do develop symptoms or test positive after the event, we encourage you to contact the NHS and email [email protected] as soon as you can. 

Precautions we will take

  • Hand sanitiser will be provided throughout the venue
  • Touch-points (door handles, light switches) will be sanitised every two hours throughout the day
  • Rooms will be at lower-than-maximum capacity
  • Where possible, we will use a one-way system

We are really hoping that these measures will mean that everyone feels safe and comfortable about gathering together!