In the Bible, we see that God promises healing for the land when His people pray (2 Chronicles 7:14) and Jesus tells His followers to ask that His kingdom would come – we are invited to pray big prayers that establish His justice in the world. We want to explore the importance of prayer when seeking justice creatively by showcasing art pieces from our community.

Our first art piece is a painting from Just Love alumna Hannah Kelly.

‘This is a painting I did based off a work by the Swedish artist Sieger Köder. He had painted Jesus washing Peter’s feet, but I’ve painted my mum in the position of Peter instead. My mum does an enormous amount of work in the world of social justice and I wanted her to have an image that reminded her that we love because he first loved us. That there’s blessing in the receiving that leads to the giving. It’s also an image that reminds me of how radical the upside-down kingdom is. Her arms I’ve painted into the gesture that is common in images of the Annunciation. A sign of receiving the spirit and accepting the will of God for our lives.’

Hannah Kelly
Hannah also wrote this beautiful song entitled ‘Justice, Mercy, Freedom’

Our second contributions comes from Chenelle Thomas, a Just Love Sussex student.

Chenelle, Co-President of Just Love Sussex recorded a cover of ‘Mountains’ by Sean C. Johnson which echoes some of the confusion and frustration of those longing to see justice in the world, but also choosing to bring those requests to God in prayer.

Chenelle said “I chose to do a cover of this song because it echoes my thoughts and emotions when it comes to life and prayer. Sometimes, I get to a point when I feel like it’s meaningless to carry on. Everything seems hopeless, the world is still so full of hate. But that’s when I pray, because God is listening and He is carrying my burdens. I choose to give my mountains to an extraordinary God who knows me by name and has plans for my future. God is there and He hears. We may not understand it now, but God’s victory will prevail.”

A cover of ‘Mountains’ by Chenelle

You can see more creative responses to justice from the JL Sussex community on their website.