As I write this, political tensions are flaring over lockdowns and debates rage over funding. My heart feels heavy at the thought of hundreds, thousands of people in our country falling into poverty, at the fractious leadership of our world, at the desperation of the situation. It feels so heavy.

What a year 2020 has been. Poverty, domestic abuse, educational inequality have been exacerbated because of a global pandemic. We’ve seen catastrophic effects of climate change in Australia and California, devastating floods in Haiti and Southern Asia, increased conflict in the Yemen, an explosion in Beirut, serious political oppression in Belarus, a horrendous fire in Moria refugee camp, a locust plague in East Africa and a terrible famine in the South of the continent. Across the US, and the UK instances of brutal, racially-motivated violence have come to attention and the sound of voices calling for justice and equality has erupted onto the world stage.

For me personally, 2020 has been a year of grief. My grandma died very suddenly in June and our family are still processing our loss.

Life has been so heavy. And, truthfully, I’m feeling so tired.

We’ll all have different stories about this year, but it’s not been easy for any of us. For many across the world, this year has been horrendous. How do we acknowledge this reality but handle it wisely? How do we see injustice without being crippled by the weight? How do we begin to process, to come to terms before God, all that has happened this year?

Not only that, but how do we continue to pick up our tools, to take up our positions of influence and continue to push for justice? As a generation of young leaders, the world needs us. The world needs leaders of hope, of restoration,  who acknowledge reality but see a new restored world on the horizon, who minister in partnership with the Holy Spirit, who see the potential for wholeness in the broken.

We need a moment. A moment to step back and to hold before God the heaviness that we may be feeling, to lament the brokenness around us, to process the pain. We need a moment to take a breath, to remember our vision to be leaders who engage with a whole-life, life-long pursuit of justice and together, to rise once more. 

From the Ashes is an opportunity to begin to engage in this process of acknowledging reality, lamenting injustice and living in hope.This is a virtual space to start to engage in this topic, to strengthen our existing relationships and to form new connections. We want to worship, to pray, to talk, to heal, to be equipped, to be excited to leave, to head back into our communities and to afresh, live lives alight with the promise and the hope of Christ Jesus.

Grab a ticket and join us at From the Ashes on Saturday 14th November.