What does real, radical, biblical generosity mean?

It’s so easy for the word ‘generous’ to get watered down – a generous donation, a generous essay mark, a slightly too generous serving of sprouts. Join us for a short video series, Approaching Generosity, as we head towards Christmas.

In the first episode of our Approaching Generosity series, it’s time to dig deep and evaluate our world-views – do we truly live as though there is enough to go around? Tee, our creative design specialist, walks us through what it means to have an abundance worldview where we trust in God’s generous character.

In episode 2, let’s talk about Mammon – the word Jesus used to talk about the spiritual power behind money and greed. In the second episode of our Approaching Generosity series, Anna chats with us about how what we value, trust and desire impacts our generosity.

Everything you have is a gift. That reality must be your starting point as you approach generosity – the reality that you are a recipient of God’s generous giving. When we fully grasp that our money and possessions are not our own, we recognise that we must freely give as we have freely received. Join Anna as she continues to explore the theology of generosity in Episode 3 of our Christmas Approaching Generosity series.

If we are giving from a position of privilege, it’s easy for it to feed our ego. We can give much, but do it to feel power and control. In our fourth Approaching Generosity vlog, Joel shares how, instead of focusing on being people who give, we should refocus on being in a community that shares – as we give, we also receive. (feat. The Office references, and Joel’s hippo wingman)