The Vision

We want to see this generation of students equipped to lead and envisioned to pursue Jesus and justice with their whole lives, bringing transformation in every sphere of society. We see the call to justice as far more than just a short-term fad while students are at university but rather as a lifetime pursuit. 

We want to see our alumni bring innovation to the charity sector, social responsibility and generosity to business, integrity and change to politics; making a difference in arts, media, in every sphere of society. Imagine what the world could look like in 10, 20 or 30 years time if hundreds of Christian students graduate each year committed to pursuing a more just society- consuming ethically, giving generously and transforming the industries in which they work.

In 2016 we launched the Just Love Alumni Network which is made up of three strands; national gatherings, spheres and mentoring.

Here’s what Just Love alumni said in 2017 about the impact Just Love has had on them.

National Gatherings

We held our first national gathering in November 2016 where we brought our community of graduates together. We now hold these gatherings annually, connecting alumni with experts and each other. Our most recent gathering, in November 2020, focused on the theme of ‘From the Ashes’. Over 230 graduates and final year students heard from inspirational speakers and we asked questions about how we can rise up as hope-filled, resilient leaders with our eyes fixed on Jesus and his perfect justice, after a difficult year.

“There was a real sense in the room that this was a group of people who were going to change the world.” Nell, Just Love Durham Alumnus

Did you attend From the Ashes? Access the content from the day here.


Outside of our large, national gatherings we have developed spheres for particular career sectors. These currently include politics, charity, church, law, business, teaching, and science and technology with more to be added in the future. Each sphere is led by alumni who organise sphere gatherings and support one another in their careers. We want to see communities of people journeying together as they pursue God’s heart of justice in the workplace. If you would be interested in joining or setting up a sphere please contact us.


Alongside our national gatherings and spheres we run a mentoring scheme whereby Just Love graduates are mentored by experienced leaders in their chosen field of work. We believe that those who are further ahead in their field or area have so much wisdom to impart and knowledge to offer.

Keep In Touch

If you were involved with a Just Love group at university and want to sign up to the Alumni Network then fill out this form or get in touch with us at