We want to see this generation equipped and envisioned to pursue biblical justice with their whole lives, bringing transformation in every sphere of society. We’re excited to see so many students catching God’s vision for justice while at university.

We want this not just to be a student phase but a consistent posture that will deepen and grow over the rest of their lives. 

The Alumni Network is where potential turns into impact.

We love seeing our students deepen in their engagement with God’s heart for justice and live this out through fundraising, volunteering and campaigning. However graduation is when the rubber hits the road. This is when we start to make key decisions about our careers, our lifestyle, our giving, and how we engage with our communities. We want to see graduates who consistently choose to bring integrity into their workplace, or dedicate their lives to loving and advocating for disadvantaged communities. We want to see alumni shape churches to be places where God’s justice is both preached and practiced through reconciliation, radical hospitality, and costly service. We want to see leaders who choose to give sacrificially for the sake of others, who give up luxury and comfort for the sake of justice, who persist in using their influence to shift unjust structures.

The Alumni Network shapes leaders of character.

We live in unpredictable times. We don’t know what the world will look like in 50 years time but we know what kinds of leaders the world will need. We want to see a generation who are resilient, compassionate, well informed and full of integrity. We want to be people who persist in doing what is right, even when no-one is looking and, even when things do not seem to be changing. We want to be leaders who are hungry to grow and learn so that we can best serve the people around us. We want to be ready to listen to and serve our God and walk closely with Him in all that we do. 

The Alumni Network is a community.

We know that we are built for relationships. We know that change takes a long time, that seeking justice can be hard, and that after university we can become easily disconnected. Our Alumni Network exists to cultivate deep connections so that we can be leaders who spur one another on in love and good deeds. We want to learn together, equip one another, share stories of hope and challenge so that we have the energy and motivation to keep pursuing justice even when it’s hard. We also want to learn from experts and role models who have been living out the fight for justice for many years.