National Gathering November 2021: Generosity

On the 20th of November 2021, from 11am until 6:30pm, we’ll be gathering together to learn from experts and one another about Generosity: Sharing the Gift, Embracing the Cost.

Let’s talk about Money. It’s inescapable in our society. For the world money means power, success, comfort. Money is worth, it’s to be sought, to be hoarded, to be spent on ourselves.

But the Bible has something radically different to say. Instead of the need to hustle in a world of scarcity, the Bible says there’s plenty to go round. Instead of a call to pursue comfort, the Bible points us in the way of the cross. Instead of grasping power and influence, the Bible teaches us humility and service. Instead of wastefulness or impulsivity, the Bible points us to wisdom.

Generosity is key to our pursuit of God’s justice. It’s at the heart of who we are as a community who long to seek Jesus with every part of our lives and for the whole of our lives. We want to gather, to embrace this call to sacrifice and freedom, to share stories of humility and grace, and to encourage one another in our commitment to giving and to living more like Jesus.

This year for our conference, we’ll be gathering regionally in three venues with some sessions being held locally and some streamed across the country. This is a great opportunity for us to build relationships with those in our region and gather as community.


For the first time, we’ll be gathering in-person across three different locations: Glasgow, Sheffield, and London. Our main sessions will be live-streamed across all three venues, which also means ticket-holders can tune in to these from home if need be. Our seminars will be in-person and locally led; we’re so excited to share hope-filled stories and ideas with one another.

All three venues are wheelchair accessible, with accessible parking, ramp access and accessible bathrooms. All venues will have quiet rooms if you need some time out at any point.

For any enquiries about venue and event accessibility, please email [email protected]

Tickets cost £5.



Previous National Gatherings

Since 2016 we have held annual national gatherings where we have brought all our graduates together to explore a key theme, learn from experts and connect with each other.

Our 2020 National Gathering focused on the theme of ‘From the Ashes’. Over 230 graduates and final year students gathered to explore the importance of lament in processing injustice as a generation who will let go of the status quo and live lives defined by the gospel, alight with hope and on fire for justice. We enjoyed sharing stories of hope within the network, and hearing from Jo Herbert-James, Rene August and Tim Lornie as our keynote speakers.

“There was a real sense in the room that this was a group of people who were going to change the world.”

Nell, Just Love Durham Alumnus

2020 | From the Ashes

2019 | Re:Power