Whether you’ve been on a Just Love committee, or simply been to one event, we would love to have you join the Just Love Alumni Network. We want to be a generation who engage in a whole-life, life-long pursuit of justice. We want to pursue justice in every part of our lives- through our careers choices, our giving, our lifestyles and the way we engage with our communities. We want to be leaders of integrity, passion, generosity and resilience.

As we move into new jobs, new homes and new routines, pursuing justice as a graduate can be challenging after being part of a student group. We hope that the Alumni Network can offer you the community, equipment and motivation that you need to serve Jesus and his justice now but also for years to come. Sign up and you’ll receive our monthly alumni newsletter and have an opportunity to get involved in a sphere group, sign up to a Six or engage in mentoring. We’d love to have you join the network.

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