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Over the past 5 years, Just Love students have run 2700 events, with an aggregate attendance of over 33,000 students. They have raised £67,000 for other charities and given more than 21,000 volunteer hours in local communities.

In 2017-8 alone, our groups ran over 680 events, with an aggregate attendance of 8000 students, gave 5000 volunteer hours in local communities, and raised over £16,000 for other charities.

Students have volunteered in their local communities, doing everything from homeless outreaches to teaching English to refugees, from youth mentoring to collections for foodbanks.
They’ve run 24-hour long anti-slavery demonstrations on their campuses, collecting signatures to petitioning their universities to ensure slavery-free supply chains and raising money for International Justice Mission.
They’ve campaigned around religious persecution, climate change and Fairtrade.
In their 2016 Giving: Strings Attached campaign, Just Love Durham collected 774,144 individual sanitary products for homeless women across the North East and to Samara's Aid Appeal projects in Iraq and Zambia. Read about it here.
...and in 2016-7 we ran the Unashamed campaign, raising awareness of sexism violence against women at universities and equipping Christian students to confront these injustices in all their forms. The campaign trailer was seen 12,000 times on Facebook, our posts had a reach of 89,000 people and 10,000 directly engaged by reading, liking or sharing a blog post. The campaign was featured by Tearfund, 24-7, and Christian Today.
My involvement in Just Love has completely changed the course my life. It's opened my eyes to just how BIG Jesus is, and how all-encompassing His mission to the world is. It's helped me realise that social justice isn't an optional extra, but an integral part of Christian discipleship. As I leave university, the people I've met, and the experiences I've had in Just Love will continue to shape and form me.
Neil, Cambridge
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