A lot of exciting things have happened over the last 5 years. At Just Love, we’re in this for the long haul, and we can’t wait to see what happens in the years to come. In this post, our National Coordinator shares his perspective on some of the key priorities that will be crucial to the future of Just Love.


It’s important that we don’t start to build all that we do on our own success, our own vision, or our own leaders. We need to remember that we are just one part of the puzzle when it comes to justice, students, and God’s restorative mission. It’s crucial that we maintain our theological, prayerful, Jesus-centred foundations, and always seek to be a movement which embodies integrity and humility.

Strategic thinking

‘What a fun choice!’ I hear you cry. But I think this one is really significant – if we truly care about pursuing justice for the most marginalized and struggling in this world, we need to consider what we’re doing really carefully. Are we consistently making decisions that move us towards our hoped-for future? It’s important that both our students and our staff team take time to think their decisions through, evaluate the things they’re doing, and always seek better solutions to the problems that they face.

The alumni network

Pursuing justice at university is just one step on a journey. We want to raise up a generation who will commit to a lifelong pursuit of justice. We’re particularly excited about people’s careers, and want to see people leading with integrity across all of society. As well as seeing some graduates go into charity or church-based jobs, we’re so keen for people to go and have influence in politics, business, the media, science… We want to encourage students to start thinking early about their futures, and we want to motivate and equip our alumni for a lifelong pursuit of justice.


We don’t want to get stuck in the same ways of doing things. We want to keep thinking creatively, and encouraging students to do the same. There are so many injustices that we want to tackle – and we’re going to need to innovate if we’re going to have the impact we want to have. I want us to keep making space to dream big, consider new perspectives, and find fresh ways to take on some of the great issues of our time. If your Just Love group has been doing the same sorts of thing for a while and you feel like you need a new injection of life, why not take a step back and imagine what you might do if you were starting again from scratch?

More funding provision

By the end of the summer we’ll have grown to at least 19 Just Love groups – but there’s many more cities we still want to reach, and we want to do this while continuing to refine and improve our current work. All of this means growing the team and increasing the budget – which means that more people will need to give to Just Love! Personally, my most treasured expenditure (for real) is my monthly donation to Just Love. It’s genuinely so exciting to know that I can contribute financially towards raising up a generation of leaders who pursue Jesus and justice across all of society – and I wouldn’t want you to miss out on that! You can join the movement and give to Just Love here.